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Select filters (listed on the left side of the registration page) to narrow your session options. Please be sure to select the appropriate categories with regards to age, gender, uses wheelchair, requires 1 to 1 supervision, length of stay.

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You will fill out basic information and be asked to make a deposit. The deposit can be bypassed by contacting Camper Services Coordinator (see contact info. below) if need be.

Confirmation: you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail once you complete registration.

Attachments: please open the attachments that you will receive with your confirmation e-mail. This is where you will find important information about preparing for your trip.

Supplemental Forms: you will see a list of supplemental forms that you will be required to complete in order to complete your full registration packet. You can complete these forms one at a time. Make sure to save at the end of each form or your information will be lost! Please complete your forms as soon as possible as this assists us in preparing for your stay with us. You will not receive your session assignment notice until all forms are complete!

Camp Paivika Program Fees And Schedule 2017

Spring Sessions Cost Dates

Ski Program
2 nights
$450 March 5-7 (Sun-Tues)

Mom’s Retreat
2 nights
$250 April 7-9 (Fri-Sun)

Summer Sessions    

Open House No Charge
Sat, June 10 12 noon - 3:00 p.m.

Session One (Adults) $1,100
June 11-June 16 (Sun-Fri)
5 nights $1,475 (1 to 1)

Session Two (Adults)
9 night option $1,980
$2,655 (1 to 1)
June 19-June 28 (Mon-Wed)

Session Three (Youth 9-17)    
5 night option $1,100
$1,475 (1 to 1)
July 2-July 7 (Sun-Fri)
3 night option $670
$885 (1 to 1)
July 2-July 5 (Sun-Wed)

Session Four (Teens – Young Adults 16-25)    
7 night option $1,540
$2,065 (1 to 1)
July 10-July 17 (Mon-Mon)

Session Five (Youth 9-17)    
5 night option $1,100
$1,475 (1 to 1)
July 20-July 25 (Thurs-Tues)
3 night option $670
$885 (1 to 1)
July 20-July 23 (Thurs-Sun)

Session Six (Adults)    
7 night option $1,540
$2,065 (1 to 1)
July 28-Aug 4 (Fri-Fri)

Session Seven (Adults)    
5 night option $1,100
$1,475 (1 to 1)
Aug 8-13 (Tues-Sun)

Session Eight (Adults) $1,100 Aug 16-21 (Wed-Mon)
one-to-one staffing not available for this session

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