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Camp Paivika’s Summer Program, consisting of multiple, weeklong sessions from June through August, is packed with morning-to-evening fun. Campers are grouped with peers and assigned to specific schedules. Each day brings new opportunities to play, share interests, make new friends and meet challenges.

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Activities List Notable Features:

Swimming • New custom warm water pool specially designed with our campers in mind. Features two hoyer lifts and safe entry ramp.
• Supervised by American Red Cross Certified lifeguards
• Non-instructional program
• One-on-one, in-pool support is available for campers who need it

Horseback Riding • Experienced gentle horses led and walked by trained staff
• Riders protected by helmets and safety belt and supported on either side by staff
• Inclusive program accommodates non-ambulatory campers requiring extra support
• Those who are unable or prefer not to ride can still safely pet, feed and groom horses in modified corral areas

Adaptive Sports and Recreation

• Designed to improve physical coordination and strength: archery, baseball, bowling, obstacle courses, broom hockey and frisbee golf.
• Designed to enhance concentration and promote socialization: Bingo, board games, card games
• Activities adapted for accessibility and for different age groups according to ability levels

Creative Arts and Crafts • Tie-dye and beading projects, ceramics, painting and other traditional camp crafts
• Campers explore their artistic side and experience a sense of accomplishment with activities encouraging self-expression and hand-eye coordination

Performing Arts • Creative movement, acting games and music making
• Staged musicals are performed in outdoor amphitheater with entire camp in attendance
• Grand finale of each session is the camp talent show where campers have the opportunity to share their talents on stage!

Nature Studies • Games and crafts incorporate elements of the beautiful surrounding mountain and forest environment
• Activities take place in the forest environment and include outdoor exploration accessible to all.
• Explored themes of wildlife, trees and conservation give campers a deeper appreciation for nature

Evening Program

• Brings full camp together
• Activities include campfires, Game Show Night, carnivals, dances, karaoke, scavenger hunts for children, casino nights for adults

2018 Summer Session Schedule:
(For more information including costs, Camperships, registration policies, and eligibility criteria, click here.)

Summer Session Dates

Open House Saturday, June 9th

Session One (Adults)
5 night option June 10-15

Session Two (Adults)
9 night option June 18-27

Session Three (Youth 9-17)  
5 night option July 1-6
3 night option July 1-4

Session Four (Teens-Young Adults 16-25)  
7 night option July 9-16

Session Five (Youth 9-17)  
5 night option July 20-25
3 night option July 20-23

Session Six (Adults)  
7 night option July 28-Aug 4

Session Seven (Adults)  
5 night option Aug 8-13

Session Eight (Adults)  
5 night option Aug 16-21

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